Counseling Services Offered

Calm the inner critic
Release the past
Learn how to manage and reduce your anxiety symptoms through a variety of techniques.

​Explore the unhelpful inner dialog and learn self-soothing techniques.

Visualize positive coping skills with the help of EMDR.
Identify the patterns of conflict and isolation in your relaitonship.

Learn how to communicate more effectively.

Build a stronger marriage by being curious about your reactions and interpretations and focusing on appreciation for your spouse.

Recover from past physical and emotional pain using EMDR (Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing)

Service Details
Individual counseling and coaching

Provided in the heart of Washington, DC

(see the Contact page for scheduling and location details)
Couples counseling

Gottman Method couples counseling to help you build positive relationship skills and reconnect with your spouse.


"Calming the Inner Critic" is an 8-week group designed to help you resolve inner turmoil.

Please call 202-470-6058 for more information.