Counseling and Coaching Services Offered

Anxiety to Peacefulness
Insecurity to  Collaboration
Depression to Connection
Learn how to manage and reduce your anxiety symptoms through a variety of techniques:

Identify triggers
Practice relaxation techniques
Visualize positive outcomes
Focus on spiritual disciplines
Become more effective in your career by identifying your unique strengths and using them to your best advantage.

Learn how to communicate with others based on their communication style.

Build a stronger team through collaborative techniques that leverage the motivation and skills of each team member

Recover from past physical and emotional injuries using EMDR (Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing)

Use EMDR to visualize successful interactions with others and to reduce  social anxiety.

Service Details
Individual counseling and coaching

Provided in the heart of Washington, DC

(see the Contact page for scheduling and location details)
On-site leadership development coaching

Offered for individuals who are in management or leadership positions in educational institutions.

Also offered for entrepreneurs needing assistance in organization and business process improvement.


"Calming the Inner Critic" is an 8-week group designed to help you resolve inner turmoil.

The next group starts in January 2018. 

Please call 202-470-6058 for more information.